Let’s Play Hide The Sausage Cookbook

Some stuff on imgur is just plain old fake like the Let’s Play Hide The Sausage Cookbook. Didn’t stop this guy’s grandma from owning it though.

Brazilian Sausage Prank: From Pig Farm To Grinder To Sausuage To Plate. [Video]

A grocery store in Brazil makes the freshest sausage you can find. They actually drop the live pigs right into the grinder. How do shoppers react?

Little Girl Let’s The Cow In The House. [Video]

Sweet video of a 5-year old snuggling up to her pet cow. In the video, there’s some sweet, a burp-fart and some questioning of diet.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake.

Not good to serve a Thanksgiving cake that reminds everyone of what comes after cake.

Edible Tempura Maple Leaves For Sale In Japan.

You never know but the tempura maple leaves snack treat seems like a real product. Sounds good too.

Video Of How Japanese Food Samples Are Made. [Video]

Ever wonder how the wax-plastic sample food is made for Japanese restaurants? Watch a pro make some tempura and cabbage out of wax.

Mr. Bean Has A Snickers Commercial. [Video]

Snickers chose wisely when they got Mr. Bean to star in their ‘you need a Snickers’ commercial.

What’s Worse: Eating A Ghost Pepper Or Calling Mom After Eating A Ghost Pepper? [Video]

Life lesson: don’t participate in the ghost pepper eating challenge if your mom is home.