Hooray For 2015 NFL Bad Lip Reading Video

Nothing better captures a season of NFL like the Bad Lip Reading videos.

Lions-Cowboys Controversy: Former NFL Ref Says The Lions Got Hosed – Video

Former NFL referee Jim Daopoulos thinks the officials in the Lions-Cowboys game were probably intimidated by the importance of their pass interference call.

Seahawk Fan Gets Autographed Helmet – Video.

What is considered a fair trade if you let somebody wear your coat? This guy, Alex, scored big on his coat sharing.

Watch Sam Gordon Score Touchdowns, Get Hit, Score TDs. [Video]

Want to see a girl play football better than the boys? Sam Gordon goes full-on Darren Sproles as she weaves her way across the football field.

British Cowboy Fans Dress Up As Cows.

The NFL brought the Cowboys and Jaguars to the UK and the fans came out to show their support. Some supported their team literally.

Worst End To A High School Football Game Ever!! [Video]

A high school quarterback, on the verge of winning a playoff game, makes a mistake that costs his team the game. It can’t get much worse than this.

Chiefs Fan Heckles Pats Fan And Ends With USA USA Chant. [Video]

Welcome to the NFL experience.

Football Banner 20, Pee Wee Football Team 0. [Video]

Running through the banner was not in the playbook.