Exorcism AT Starbucks And Not An Exorcism FROM Starbucks. [Video]

Somebody filmed an ACTUAL exorcism at a Starbucks in Austin TX because the devil loves marginal coffee.

Justin Bieber Is Learning To Box And We Found His First Opponent. [Video]

First he showed his skills in basketball and now, Justin Bieber is learning to box from Floyd Mayweather. Must be tough for Floyd to hold back….

Air Umbrella Was A Great Idea Until I Watched The Kickstarter Video.

Check out the umbrella game changer – the Air Umbrella.

Wearing Caffeinated Underwear Will Not Help You Lose Weight – FTC

Strike ‘caffeinated underwear’ off the list of possible weight loss techniques.

FYI – The ‘I Slipped On A Banana Peel And Got Hurt’ Doesn’t Work… Never Did. [Video]

Sometimes, in pursuit of an easy payday, you decide to go so old school with your fraud that nobody buys it. Slipped on a banana peel guy – that’s you.