Eyeballs Popping Out Woman Scares People For Ouija Board Movie. [Video]

You’re just about to release your new scary movie about Ouija Board and you need a person to help pitch it – eyeballs popping out woman is a good start.

Failshopping – What’s Wrong With This Photo-Selfie Of Kim, Kanye And North?

The Kim Kanye Vogue controversy is old, unnecessary news. The crazy Photoshopping, however, should be an awesome ‘what’s wrong with this picture’ game.

Darts By Russian. [Video]

When your opponent in darts switches to hatchets, you should take the loss and run home.

Porpoises At Fukuoka Aquarium Play Underwater Suck And Blow Game With Bubble Rings.

Three black finless porpoises are putting on a daily underwater bubble ring show at the Fukuoka Aquarium. [Video]

In Search Of… Pokemon: ‘The Hunt For Pikachu.’ [Video]

Who’s next? Bulbasaur? Charmander?

A Good Sign Your Kid Is Playing Too Much Minecraft.

Collaborative and extremely addictive Minecraft claims another victim.

Word Of The Day! Glasshole: A Google Glass Wearer Who Uses It In A Manner That Irritates Others.

“We’re playing Pictionary tonight because the Glasshole showed up.”