Mesmerizing Soul Train Line Dance Compilation From 1960’s To 1980’s. [Video]

Watching these couples line dance on Soul Train in the 60’s & 70’s is humbling because I bet even at age 60-70, they can still dance better than me.

Drunky And His Pizza. [Video]

Oh the good ol’ pre-internet days when you could be a drunk, carrying your pizza and nobody shot video of you.

Magic Restroom Cafe Toilet Themed Restaurant In Los Angeles.

The thinking behind the Magic Restroom Cafe toilet themed restaurant is that it ‘worked in Taipei and it’ll work in LA.’ Transitive property FAIL?

Guy Shits Himself On Slingshot Amusement Park Ride. Jimmy Kimmel Prank? [Video]

Watch a video of a Jets fan ‘supposedly’ crapping his pants on a Slingshot type amusement park ride.

‘Beach Card Trick Guy Disappears’ Prank. [Video]

We love prank videos and here’s one more of a guy setting up a card trick for unsuspecting beachgoers and then poof – he disappears.

10 More Bets You Can Make And Win. [Video]

Watch and enjoy ’10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win’ from Quirkology.

Drunky Wants Police To Arrest Him Because He’s Drunk. [Video]

Video of an honest drunk admitting his guilt between air-motorboating sessions and drunk-dancing.

Making Your Lunch When Your Drunk.

It all made perfect sense the night before: one imgurian invites you into his drunken world of lunch making.