Video Of Animals Interrupting Golf. [Video]

We turned their home into a golf course, they get to interrupt our golf tournament.

Eagle Stole My Golf Ball! Eagle Flies Away With Golf Ball. [Video]

Instead of a golfer getting an ‘eagle’ – here is an example of an eagle getting a golfer’s ball. I sure hope his playing partners gave him an eagle.

Probably Drunk, Angry Golfer Breaks His Golf Clubs. [Video]

Watch this golfer drunkenly break his golf clubs because as every golfer knows, it’s never the player that sucks … always the club.

Trick Golf Shots Shot With GoPro. [Video]

The Bryan brothers get to hit trick golf shots on an empty golf course. Trick golf shots – yawn…. getting to play on an empty golf course – amazing!

UK School’s ‘Man Days’ Teaches Boys About Shaving And Getting A Date.

Head teacher Victoria Overy wants her male students to learn that GTA V isn’t real life by offering Man Days – lessons in manners, golf, dating, and life.

Why Golfer Rickie Fowler Always Wear Orange.

Turns out we were all wrong about PGA golfer Rickie Fowler. His choice of orange outfits isn’t because he’s a hipster.

The Happy Gilmore Swing: Pro Golfers Hitting A Golf Ball Like Happy Gilmore.

As Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler made the slap-shot swing look so easy. How will professional golfers fare using the Happy Gilmore swing?