Ba Boo The Dog Nurses Stray Kitten. [Video]

A three-year old shar pei in Kodak TN not only accepted a new stray kitten into her family, she started producing milk to feed the little bugger.

Compilation Video Of People Rescuing And Aiding Animals [Video]

People helping animals video includes a fox with its head stuck in jar, an elephant in watering hole and a whale caught in a fishing net.

Unfortunate Signage: The Bury And Oldham RSPCA Center In England.

Dear Bury / Oldham RSPCA – I am inquiring about the marketing position with your organization. Qualifications? I would’ve chosen ‘Oldham.’ Sincerely, C. Rapasaurus.

Finally: A Russian Dashcam Compilation Video We Want To See. [Video]

Taking the insane Russian dashcam video craze to the positive end of the spectrum.

Another ‘Unexpected’ Reason To Always Help Others.

Goodness reciprocated.