Teacher Mails Letters To Students 20 Years Later. [Video]

Sweet story about a teacher and a 20 year letter project. Why did he start the 20 year letter project? How do his former students react to the letter?

Adults Will Be Psyched About CG Animated ‘The Little Prince’ [Video]

The Little Prince fans are not going to be leaving school to watch this CG animated film, they’re going to be skipping work, leaving kids with a sitter etc.

How To Make Action Comedy – Filmmaking Tips From Jackie Chan. [Video]

Jackie Chan’s career has spanned over 40 years. In this video, Jackie’s pre-Hollywood and Hollywood movies are compared.

Console TV Seinfeld Fish Tank.

What would George do? He’d dig that old console TV out of the trash and turn it into a fish tank.

Dog And Horse Are Friends. [Video]

The dog and horse are best of friends and can do just about everything together – run, play, lick, etc. Just just can’t share a meal together.

Uplifting Christmas Song About A Lump Of Coal Named Joel. [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel must’ve been visited by three ghosts because with the help of The Killers, he just wrote a sweet Christmas song about Joel the lump of coal

Meet Arthur – Stray Dog In Ecuador Joins Swedish Adventure Racing Team. [Video]

Watch a sweet video about Arthur the stray dog who joined the Swedish Adventure Racing team in Ecuador and never left.

Baby Elephant Rescue Ends With Tears Of Joy. [Video]

The staff at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust pull a baby elephant out of a watering hole to the emotional relief of an Italian tourist.