Pregnant Schoolgirl Mannequins In Venezuela.

Venezuela’s teen pregnancy rate is the highest in South America. One store is using its window display to shock people into action.

Emotional Little Girl Watching The Chipmunk Movie Is The Sweetest Video EVER. [Video]

A father captures some sweet moments of his daughter adorably reacting to The Chipmunk Adventure movie.

Young Bruins Fan – Fist Bump For You, Fist Bump For You, Fist Bump For You… [Video]

Watch a young Boston Bruins fan, decked out in Bruins gear, fist bump his favorite players as they leave the ice. Simple. Fun. Awesome.

The Nice Kids In The Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank Video. [Video]

The Jimmy Kimmel Halloween prank video is a perfect opportunity for parents to humiliate their kids on national TV. Here are the three good kids.

Chappie – The Growing Up Robot Film By Neil Blomkamp. [Video]

Watch the trailer for an AI robot film you probably haven’t heard of – it’s Chappie and the director and cast lead me to believe it should be good.

San Quentin Prison Baseball Team – The San Quentin Giants. [Video]

Short documentary about baseball being played behind prison walls. How the sport builds camaraderie where it normally wouldn’t.

PSA For Chinese Tourists Features Pandas, Peeing And Passing Out. [Video]

China created a PSA so that their tourists behave properly when they are traveling. It wouldn’t hurt for all countries to create a tourism PSA.

Yardbird – The Australian Carrie With A Touch Of The Dead Zone. [Video]

Fun to watch a wrong get righted in the short film Yardbird.