Little Girl Plays Hide And Seek With Her Newfie. [Video]

Hard to beat this type of cute video.

Mormon Missionary Dances To Beat It With MJ Impersonator. [Video]

Fun video of a Mormon missionary and Jehovah’s Witness impersonator having a dance off to Beat It.

Find Out What’s In The Duffel Bag In BAG MAN Short Film. [Video]

The short film BAG MAN will have you guessing and then have you hoping for a BAG MAN sequel… and maybe a prequel.

Real-Life Portal Gun Duel Is Amazingly Fun And Slightly Gory. [Video]

Man vs man Portal battle goes from a living room to a car and then to the moon.

My Prediction For Big Hero 6 – Not A Dry Eye Will Leave The Theater. [Video]

The latest trailer for Big Hero 6 is out and it looks like Disney has a winner on their hands.

‘ENVOY’ Looks A Little Like Real Life ‘The Iron Giant’ Movie. [Video]

Amazing proof of concept short about a boy discovering a robot that is running from the man.

Lonely Wall-E’ish Robot In Paris Has Other Plans For His Friends. [Video]

‘FILM FX_L3.0’ proves that a short film can be cute and dark.

Man Pushes Brussel Sprout Up A Mountain With His Nose – Crazy Or Charity? [Video]

Crazy or for charity? Stuart Ketell is pushing a brussel sprout up Mount Snowdon with his nose – normally crazy but it’s for charity so it’s a good thing.