Impossible To Find Christmas Gift Prank From Greg Benson And Jack Vale. [Video]

Mrs Claus’s Ball Scraper and MILF on the Shelf aren’t available this year but next year is another story. Benson and Vale prank Target with tough gifts.

Greg Benson Pranks People By Joining Their Cellphone Conversation [Video]

It’s called ‘Cell Phone Crashing’ and Greg Benson avoids an ass-kicking pulling this prank off. Picking the right dupe is definitely a skill.

Realize Dunbar’s Number When You Meet Facebook Friends In Real Life. [Video]

F’ing Greg Benson checks with three Facebook ‘Friends’ that he has never met to see if they’ll be real friends in real life.

Awesome: ‘Generous Homeless Man Prank’. [VIDEO]

What would you do: Would you take the money or would you give it back?