Twin Boys Dressed As Harry And Lloyd From Dumb And Dumber.

One day, these twins dressed as Harry and Lloyd will realize just how much their parents loved them… I mean, THE, movie Dumb and Dumber.

The Awful Human Award Goes To… Go Touch The Spider Woman. [Video]

Watch ‘go touch the spider woman’ prank a baby. It’s like Jackass for awful parents.

Jerk Ass Parents Telling Their Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy. [Video]

Once again, Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to do something mean to their family and record it for his show – this time, it’s eating their kids’ Halloween candy.

North Dakota Woman Is Giving A Letter To Obese Trick-Or-Treaters. Not Candy. [Video]

Overheard at this house on Halloween: ‘Hulk and kid in the Fat Bastard costume, how much of that costume is you?’

Interactive, Bloody And Cute Halloween Costumes From Digital Dudz. [Video]

Mark Rober has found a way to embed some real gore into Halloween Costumes. Beating heart? Yes. Intestines? Yes. Cute kitten eyes? Yes… wait a second.

Joy: A Video Of A Duckling, A Hammerhead Pit Bull And A Shark-Costumed Cat Riding A Roomba. [Video]

Starring Max-Arthur the cat, Sharky the pit bull and a duck.