Limbo Prank Video – It’s Limbo Time!

Hilarious limbo prank video that doesn’t involve pain; just a little public humiliation.

Get To Know Your 2014 Vermont Gubernatorial Candidates.

No state runs a governor’s race like the state of Vermont. Screenshot from the Vermont Gubernatorial debate looks a little Duck Dynasty, a little Mad Men.

Outtakes Of CONAN Riding With Ice Cube And Kevin Hart Is Funnier Than Intakes. [Video]

Want to hear Conan O’Brien drop an F-bomb? Watch this hilarious video of outtakes from his Lyft ride with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

‘Applebeesandme’ Is Like Film ‘Her’ But Between A Guy And An Applebees Location.

Chris Zdarsky has an unusual relationship with his local Applebees. On the heels on the Spike Jonze film ‘Her’ – what Mr. Zdarsky is doing is perfectly ok.

Conan O’Brien Learns How To Audition For TV Commercials. [Video]

Watch Conan O’Brien at his best! Conan learning how to audition and then auditioning for commercial work is genius.

Pete Holmes Interviews James Harden – Alley Whoops To Margarine Dick. [Video]

Watch Pete Holmes awesomely and awkwardly interview NBA basketball player James Harden like a fearless 13-year old. Funny!

Bachelor Party Prank: Blindfolded, Drunk Groom-To-Be Pranked Into Thinking He’s Bungee Jumping.

As bachelor party pranks go, this Norwegian bachelor party bungee jump prank is the best! Groom afraid of heights? Get him drunk and bungee jumping.

KHQ Spokane Reporter Drops Two F-Bombs During News Broadcast. [Video]

Reporter drops two f-bombs during news broadcast – in studio anchor’s reaction steals this one though.