Evan Gattis Home Run Call: ‘This Ball Is Going, Going, Gonads!’ [Video]

A fan at the Braves – Marlins baseball game gets hit in the johnson with home run ball. Loses the home run ball and his dignity at the same time.

Padres’ Fan Dives In Bushes For A Home Run Baseball. [Video]

Getting and throwing back your opponents home run baseball is a big deal to some. Diving into the stadium landscaping is a big deal to others.

Home Runless: Korean Baseball Player Celebrates A Fly Out. [Video]

Dance as if no one is watching… Lotte Giants’ Jeon jun-woo hits a fly out as if he hit a home run.

Houston Astros’ Fan Catches Drew Stubbs’ Home Run Ball In His Bucket Of Popcorn. [Video]

Would you sacrifice a full bucket of popcorn for a home run ball? Of course you would.

Cincinnati Reds’ Todd Frazier Hit A Home Run At The Request Of Batboy Teddy Kremer. [Video]

Even St. Louis Cardinals’ fans will appreciate this story.