Baboon Infestation: Buttload Of Baboons Crapping On Your Bed, One Jumped Up And… [Video]

Crazy video of a troop of baboons going, and dropping, ape shit on a vacant vacation house in South Africa.

The Ultimate Mascot FAIL Compilation. [Video]

Mix mascot FAILS with music from the ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’ soundtrack and you’ve got perfection.

Prank: Reporter Asks 2013 NFL Draft Attendees What They Think About Fake Players. [Video]

Football Nation reporter pranks know-it-all 2013 NFL Draft attendees – asks them what they know ‘Mike Hawke.’

Homemade Water Slide Fail. [Video]

A fail for DIY’rs but a win for dads everywhere.

Promotion Via F-Bomb? AJ Clemente On Today Show, Meets Tom Brokaw And Next, Letterman. [Video]

We’re pulling for AJ Clemente the same way we pulled for his doppelganger Jon Favreau in the film ‘Swingers.’

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Lie Witness News’: Kids Love Fake Bands NOT Playing At Coachella. [Video]

“Are you guys excited for Regis and the Philbins?”

Houston Astros’ Fan Catches Drew Stubbs’ Home Run Ball In His Bucket Of Popcorn. [Video]

Would you sacrifice a full bucket of popcorn for a home run ball? Of course you would.

Life Lesson: Don’t Buy Chocolate-Dipped ‘Portobello’ Mushrooms From Strangers.

“Giraffes are chasing me down the hill.”