News Anchor For NBC Affiliate In Bismarck ND Opens First Newscast With A ‘F#ckin Sh*t.’ [Video]

Who hasn’t cursed at someone when they thought their phone was hung up? AJ Clemente just did it on live TV. Next!

D’oh! ‘The Simpsons’ Tribute Show ‘The Samsonadzes’ From The Republic Of Georgia. [Video]

Maybe The Simpsons could hire away some of The Samsonadzes writers… and add a parrot. No need to worry about jumping the shark.

‘Dove Real Beauty Sketches – Men’ Spoof Of ‘Dove Real Beauty Sketches.’ [Video]

Q: “What would you say is your most prominent feature?” A: “Probably my bulge.”

Jaboody Dubs: ‘Guy Fieri Dub: Fedora Feast’ [VIDEO]

“Make me a bald eagle cheese sammich” Check out more videos from Jaboody Dubs. [Geekosystem]

929th Evil Cat Compilation Video Is Still Funny. [VIDEO]

This one’s for you Kat. [Clip Nation]

Woman Dances While Waiting For A Bus. [VIDEO]

We should all be this happy about mass transit.

Youtube Video Of Rendered Jenga-Stacked, Collapsing Penises Has The Best Title Ever: ‘I’m So Sorry.’

Apology not accepted – this short Youtube video is hilarious.

Mariner’s Fan Catches Foul Ball In Beer Cup. Avoids Party Foul And Drinks The Remaining Beer. [VIDEO]

Seattle Mariner’s fan catches Justin Smoak’s foul ball and pours the remaining beer down the front of his shirt/coat.