Prom Date Assist To Robin Williams And Ben Stiller Video.

Watch Robin Williams and Ben Stiller help their Night at the Museum cast mate get a prom date. It’s classic Robin Williams where everything is in play.

Dog Dances When Owner Shows Up Video.

Check out this dog’s dance moves and steps when its owner shows up. It almost looks CGI.

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse On Netflix Instant!

The awesomest, timeless, wackiest kid’s show ever is now available on Netflix Instant. Hard to beat watching Pee-wee’s Playhouse with your kids.

Our New Anti-Drone Hero Is A Kangaroo. [Video]

A mama kangaroo has no time for the drone technology and makes quick work of this flying bastard.

Stephen Colbert Laughing And Breaking Character. [Video]

Being a no nonsense, conservative firebrand is key to the Stephen Colbert character. That’s why Stephen Colbert breaking character is so funny.

Separated At Birth? Surprised Rabbit In A Sink.

This rabbit in the sink is going to break the internet!

It’s Been A Tough Second Term For President Obama.

The newly re-elected Prime Minister of New Zealand got the congratulatory call from President Obama. His caller ID told him not to take the call.

Cats Fighting In Santa Picture.

Instant naughty list for bringing your cats in for a Santa photo.