Graffiti Fixed.

‘Eat My Ass’ and swastika graffiti gets a positive message makeover.

Brad And Dallas Woodhouse’s Mom Calls CSPAN To Lecture Her Sons About The Holidays

Brothers with opposing political views got called Out on a CSPAN show by their mother. She basically said – don’t be dicks at Christmas.

Awkward Family Feud Answer – Name Something That Has To Be Licked

Contestant on the Family Feud knows what’s up when he answers the ‘Name something that has to be licked’ question. His wife knows he’s a ‘T – I – G Tiger.’

Hardcore Will Never Die Gives Hardcore Will Never Die GIF.

Short and loud Hardcore Will Never Die video leads to the best GIF dance video ever made from the Hardcore Will Never Die video.

Where’s 87? Benchwarmer’s High School Football Recruiting Video

The best high school football recruiting video ever! I sure hope the high school football player in the video made it.

Thomas Dolby Hyperactive Inspired? Conan Season 4 Video Rewind. [Video]

The Conan O’Brien show put together another season highlight retrospective video and it is awesome. Odd and Thomas Dolby’esque.

How Did I Miss The Eric Andre Show? [NSFW]

I know why: the kids. Watch Eric Andre interview Wiz Khalifa and all hell break loose.

Cat’s Sleep Face Is Hilarious.

Awake, Setsu-chan the cat is probably the world’s most beautiful cat. Drifting off to sleep, and asleep, Setsu-chan is probably the world’s derpiest cat.