Dog Can’t Read

The best stuff on imgur requires the least amount of thought. Dog Can’t Read is one of the best.

See The World’s Largest….

What is this? Is it the world’s largest set of…. or is it the largest ….

Why I Love imgur – It’s The Comments.

The Story: ‘A good Samaritan rescued a dog from a lake’
The Comment: ‘AWESOME’

Cat On Skylight.

Check out this cat taking a snooze on a skylight. Cat on skylight reminds me of something…..

Two Cats In One Box = Fort Asshole.

What do you get when you put two cats in one anything?

Don’t Stare At His Legs, Don’t Stare At His Legs…

This is one of those timeless pictures that’ll make you laugh every time you look at it.

Fox In ‘Night Out VS Morning After’ Pictures

Thank you imgur for pairing some beautiful nature with some horrible taxidermy.

It’s Better To Shit Your Pants Than To Die Of Constipation – Comment Wins.

Yes, I’m sure it’s better to shit your pants than to die of constipation but that quote is a little tired. What we need is a really good response to it…