Walking With Cast On Broken Leg.

Wading through the crap that is the internet, I could only find one thing that was crap-worthy. Thank you imgur and thank you puppy with broken leg.

My First Mullet.

Dad takes kid to get a haircut….

‘Japan Next’ – Godzilla and Friends Plotting

A peak inside the monster’s boardroom shows Godzilla leading a meeting on the first target.

‘This Is Little Guy. He Greets Me Every Morning With A Nice Fuck You.’

Jacobbai1ey works at a Chinese restaurant. Jacobbai1ey wants you to meet us coworkers. Jacobbai1ey might have the starts for a new HBO series.

Angela Merkel Is Inspiration for ‘Be Careful With Super Glue’ Sign.

From imgur.com: ‘Nestled in a corner of my University’s bookstore near the art supplies, I found this.’

‘My Cat Cries At The Window When I Leave’

Another example of a comment rising above a caption on imgur. It’s also another example of a cat falling below dogs on imgur.

‘My Friend Went On A Trip To Africa. This Is The Only Picture He Took.’

Epic nature photo at the exact moment nature calls for this lion.

Good Morning Bitches!

Stare at the magnificence to kick-start your day.