Google Car In Pictures – Picture Taken Of, And From, Google Car.

Why the heck do we get so excited when we’re near a Google car?

The IceTee Shirt Uses ‘Strategically Placed’ Gel Packs To Keep You Cool…

For people that exercise, the IceTee Shirt sounds like a great idea. The Gizmag article profiling the IceTee unfortunately gives the trade secret away.

Social Networking App For Drunks Was Fake – Sorry Drunks. [Video]

Unfortunately, the Livr app is fake. Even more unfortunate, the apps Livr’s creators were poking fun at aren’t fake.

Google Glass Is Giving Me A Headache.

Chris Barrett was an early into Google Glass but now he’s dropping it. Severe headaches should not be a product feature.

Link: Thief Extorted @N Twitter Name With Assistance From PayPal And GoDaddy.

Link to the story on Naoki Hiroshima and how his prized @N Twitter handle was extorted from him.

The Problem With Facebook Is People Put So Much Time Into Building It Up… [Video]

… and now can’t live without it. Facebook is really working people over by getting Facebook users to pay for the house Facebook users built.

Elderly Swedish Man Writes Letter To Paper – Close Down The Internet

Read the letter written by 73-year old Swede Bo Bergman and then decide for yourself – is he nuts or does he make some valid points?

Baby Selfies – One-Year Old Shoots Selfie Video On Mom’s iPhone. [Video]

A one-year old from Nashville makes the only selfie video that’s spontaneous and fun to watch. Please don’t try to have your babies copy her.