LED Lamp With Built-In Color Picker Can Mimic Any Surface Or Object Color. [Video]

It’s called the ColorUp table lamp and with it’s built-in color picker, the ColorUp can mimic any surface or object color. How soon till poop color happens?

Extreme Carpooling – Kuwait Edition. [Video]

No clowns here – it’s a more of a lifestyle to jam 15 people into a small SUV. Reminds me of the 70’s.

Wall Outlet With An Integrated LED Nightlight From Snap Power.

A simple and brilliant product that will turn your standard wall outlet into a wall outlet LED nightlight. Snaps to install too!

Turn Your Empties Into LED Lamps With The Cork Mounted Bottle Light. [Video]

The rechargeable, LED Bottle Light will motivate you to finish off that bottle of wine because the bottle will look so good as a lamp.

With Antarctica, Metallica Has Played On All Seven Continents In 2013. [Video]

Coke Zero contest winners got to watch a Metallica show in Antarctica because it’s badass! Actually, Metallica wanted to break a 7-continent concert record.

Japanese Company Wants To Install Solar Panels On The Moon And Beam Electricity To Earth. [Video]

The plan is simple: build a 250 mile wide solar farm across the sun-drenched equator of the moon and beam the electricity to earth. Ok, who’s in?

Mipwr Dynamo For iPhone : Squeeze Charger, Battery And Case. [Video]

The Mipwr Dynamo is a human-powered iPhone charger and battery in one case. No power? No problem with the Mipwr Dynamo which is now on Kickstarter.

Parenting FAIL: Couple On Scooter Pulling A Stroller Down A Busy Street In China. [Video]

Want to know how China has become an economic super-power? They just don’t give a shit.