Air Umbrella Was A Great Idea Until I Watched The Kickstarter Video.

Check out the umbrella game changer – the Air Umbrella.

Interactive CleverPet Is A Treat Delivering DogPad. [Video]

When pet ownership guilt has moved you beyond the bone, there’s the CleverPet.

The IceTee Shirt Uses ‘Strategically Placed’ Gel Packs To Keep You Cool…

For people that exercise, the IceTee Shirt sounds like a great idea. The Gizmag article profiling the IceTee unfortunately gives the trade secret away.

Zombies Boobies – Zomboobies. [Video]

President Obama should be happy he dropped in the recent polls, otherwise, this would’ve been called Barack BOOBama POTUS. Zomboobies was second choice.

Wall Outlet With An Integrated LED Nightlight From Snap Power.

A simple and brilliant product that will turn your standard wall outlet into a wall outlet LED nightlight. Snaps to install too!

Know How Long You Have Left To Live – Count It Down With Tikker Watch. [Video]

$39.95 Tikker Wrist Watch – calculate how much longer you have to live and let Tikker count it down for you. Minus 30 days from your life worrying.

Mipwr Dynamo For iPhone : Squeeze Charger, Battery And Case. [Video]

The Mipwr Dynamo is a human-powered iPhone charger and battery in one case. No power? No problem with the Mipwr Dynamo which is now on Kickstarter.

Siri + Teddy Bear = SuperToy Teddy

The creators of SuperToy Teddy want it to be the world’s first natural talking teddy bear.