New Hampshire Man Loses His Life Savings Trying To Win An Xbox At A Local Carnival. [Video]

CPS… you might want to start a file on Henry Gribbohm.

Homemade Water Slide Fail. [Video]

A fail for DIY’rs but a win for dads everywhere.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Lie Witness News’: Kids Love Fake Bands NOT Playing At Coachella. [Video]

“Are you guys excited for Regis and the Philbins?”

Huff Post Compilation Video: Babies ‘Cursing’ Are F&*$Ing Funny. [Video]

Unsolicited parenting advice from Cr@pasaurus: Avoid teaching your toddler the words Percy, vacuum and dump truck.

Dumbass Alert For Parents: The Condom Challenge. [VIDEO]

As the The Condom Challenge could go, snorting is actually a good outcome.

Reason #117 Not To Watch Sports On TV With Your Kids. [VIDEO]

We’ve all done this. Funny how a 54 second video can make us regret our behavior.