Baby Farts In A Commercial About Baptisms Because Farts And Baptisms. [Video]

Norwegians are often described as quiet and reserved. Their pre-Baptized babies are another story – deep voiced, buck toothed and farty.

Browns WR Andrew Hawkins Kicks Out His 2-Year Old For Liking Bengals Receivers. [Instagram]

Little kids have to learn. Watch Andrew Hawkins teach his 2-year old a lesson for still rooting for his former teammates. Tough love!

Five Nights At Freddy’s – Adults Playing Scary Video Game Get A Surprise. [Video]

Never heard of Five Nights At Freddy’s and I would’ve been perfect for this adults play Five Nights At Freddy’s video.

Little Girl Plays Hide And Seek With Her Newfie. [Video]

Hard to beat this type of cute video.

Combover Kid Makes Kids React Video Worth Watching. [Video]

I didn’t even get through the Kids React to Skip-It toy because I was stopped in my tracks by combover kid. Old school toys meet old man hairdo.

Little 9-Year Old Romanian Bodybuilder. [Video]

Giuliano Stroe has been working out since he was two and now, at the ripe old age of nine, he’s doing tricks and has a freakish body. Parents = proud.

Babies Laughing At Cats Playing Is The Latest Babies Laughing At Video.

Cats are funny and babies figure this out early.

Little Boy Cracks Up Watching An Ostrich Eat. [Video]

Ostrich – an animal with little or no sense of humor. An ostrich eating out of a cup is a whole different story.