Compilation Video Of Cats, Dogs And A Pig Who Don’t Care Anymore. [Video]

These are the pet equivalents of senior citizens.

Babies Laughing At Cats Playing Is The Latest Babies Laughing At Video.

Cats are funny and babies figure this out early.

Over-Cute Duck’s Life Video’s ‘To Be Continued’ Worries Me A Bit. [Video]

There’s cute and then there’s over-cute. This video about the duckling becoming a duck has a sequel and I surely hope it’s not dark and involve a recipe.

Kitten Wiggles Ears : Kitten Is Full When Her Ears Stop Wiggling. [Video]

Kitten wiggles ears during feeding. Stops wiggling ears when it’s full.

Caption: ‘Look What I Made, Assface.’

From a mother cat to the photographer.

Compilation Video Of Cats Stealing Dog Beds. [Video]

Cats Stealing Dog Beds Review : A Funny video of thoughtless cats sleeping in the beds of traumatized, bed-less dogs. You can feel their pain.

Cat Adoption Commercial Tells Why You Should / Shouldn’t Adopt A Cat. [Video]

Got hairballs? Adopt a cat. Not doing anything on Saturday night? Adopt a cat. Miss the smell of stinky poop? Adopt a cat!

Sylvester The Talking Cat Meets Izzy The Talking Kitten. [Video]

It’s like watching the old talking-monkey show ‘Lancelot Link – Secret Chimp’ but with talking cats. Here, Sylvester is a total ass to new kitten Izzy.