Since When Is A $50 Light Bulb ‘JUST’ A $50 Dollar Light Bulb?

Un-Marketing 101 – putting JUST in front of an outrageous price. i.e. And this Porsche is JUST $79,000 or This LED light bulb is JUST $50.

LED Lamp With Built-In Color Picker Can Mimic Any Surface Or Object Color. [Video]

It’s called the ColorUp table lamp and with it’s built-in color picker, the ColorUp can mimic any surface or object color. How soon till poop color happens?

Jeff Goldblum Should Be The Face Of LED Lighting. [Video]

Nobody can smartly dumb down technology like Jeff Goldblum. GE has a winner with their Terry Quattro character pitching LED lighting.

LED Light ‘Stick Man’ Halloween Costume Is The Best! [Video]

Amazingly cool Halloween costume made out of LED lighting that becomes strip lighting for the home when you’re done with it. Reuse Reduce Recycle!