Getting Arrested Wearing Your Best ‘Who Needs Drugs’ T-Shirt.

The ‘No, Seriously, I Have Drugs’ message on the t-shirt was just kicking the probably cause door in.

Rubenstein: ‘Hung Like A Cashew’

Stanford Rubenstein has been accused of rape. In the meantime, his junk is already on trial in the ‘hung like a cashew’ court of public opinion.

Crime Or YouTube Channel – Throwing Dildos At Teen Girls?

There is a fine line between crime and YouTube channel and this dumbass in Wisconsin just crossed it.

Office Space Flair Guy Sues For Proceeds From Flair Guy Merchandise.

Cries of ‘it’s un-flair’ were overheard in the NY courtroom after ‘Flair Guy’ Todd Duffey lost his ill conceived lawsuit.

Two-Minute Super Bowl Ad For Lawyer In Georgia. [Video]

Jamie Casino is making the transition from defending people that fill ambulances to just chasing them.

Man Caught Driving With Hands Behind Head Loses License For One Year. [Video]

The cost of driving hands-free in the UK is huge – the ability to drive hands-free would also entail being huge.

Car Crash That Killed Four Caused By Affluenza… Not All The Booze. [Video]

Crazy story out of Ft. Worth about a 16-year old getting only 10 years of probation for killing four while driving drunk. Won w/ the ‘I’m Wealthy’ defense.

FYI – The ‘I Slipped On A Banana Peel And Got Hurt’ Doesn’t Work… Never Did. [Video]

Sometimes, in pursuit of an easy payday, you decide to go so old school with your fraud that nobody buys it. Slipped on a banana peel guy – that’s you.