Hairy Women Targeted By VEET Commercial. Hairy Men Too. [Video]

I would’ve never seen VEET’s ‘Don’t Risk Dudeness’ ad had it not been for so many people complaining about it. VEET’s diabolical marketing plan is winning.

EPCM’s ‘What Is A Turnaround’ Videos Are Selling You Something. [Video]

EPCM ‘boobs’ made ‘boobs’ a ‘boobs’ informational ‘boobs’ video ‘boobs’ to ‘boobs’ attract ‘boobs’ future ‘boobs’ clients ‘boobs’… ‘boobs.’

Geniuses: Company Creates Truck Tailgate Decal Of Bound And Tied Woman.

The Dumbass of the Day award goes to Hornet Signs of Waco Texas. Their ‘bound and tied’ woman decal is one part cry for attention and nine parts stupid.

Here’s To Change: New HTC Commercial Featuring Robert Downey Jr. [Video]

Will Iron Man be enough star power to make HTC a household name? HTC hopes this can deliver.

Beardvertising: Should It?

Beardvertising: Gateway drug for Breaking Amish.