Crazy ‘Save The Wedding Date’ Video Has A Helicopter And Soundtrack.

Watch a nutty ‘Save the date’ video that probably cost more than your wedding.

Penis Drawing Challenge Accepted – Man Draws A Penis Per Day For Wife. [Video-NSFW]

Husbands everywhere, we have a new hero. One husband accepts his wife’s challenge and draws a new penis on their dry-erase board 365 days in a row.

Do-It-Yourself Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards.

So you goofed and forgot to get your wife/girlfriend a Valentine’s Day – no prob. supplied us with some gems that will score you huge points.

The Fake Arrest Wedding Proposal Idea Is The Worst. [Video]

Hmmm… compared to telling his fiance her parents are dead, then proposing, this is a good idea. In every other way, fake arrest wedding proposal is dumb.

Wedding Doves Released… Wedding Doves Soon To Be Eaten.

You need a sign that you’re getting married to the wrong person? Wanting doves released at your wedding is second only to them being a meth head.

QuickCrap: Johnny Carson Jokes About His Wife Cheating On Him.

Funny quote from a new book by Johnny Carson’s former lawyer Henry Bushkin. Even in the darkest hours, Johnny was still Johnny.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Baby Bachelor Finale [Video]

In ‘The Baby Bachelor Finale,’ Wesley must decide who gets the ring pop and who gets the car seat.

Truthful, Personalized Wedding Card.

Truthful, personalized wedding cards: like the song ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ but the exact opposite.