Why MLB Players Wear Number 42 On Jackie Robinson Day. [Video]

Vin Scully re-tells the story of why Jackie Robinson’s teammate, Gene Hermanski, suggested everyone player wear the #42 jersey.

Oakland A’s Baby Celebrate MLB Playoffs With Beer Too.

Knowing a little about the Oakland A’s in the 1970’s, this baby drinking a Bud Light makes sense.

Evan Gattis Home Run Call: ‘This Ball Is Going, Going, Gonads!’ [Video]

A fan at the Braves – Marlins baseball game gets hit in the johnson with home run ball. Loses the home run ball and his dignity at the same time.

Switch-Pitcher: Can Yu Darvish Of The Rangers Throw Left-Handed Too? [Video]

I get the feeling Texas Ranger’s right-handed pitcher Yu Darvish would only pitch leftie to get into the batters’ head and it would work.

The 999 Challenge: 9 Hot Dogs And 9 Beers In 9 Innings. [Video]

If the food and drink don’t get you, the nine innings of baseball might.

Red Sox’s Shane Victorino Says ‘You Know’ 72 Times In Three Minute Interview. [Video]

Finally, my ‘um’ record is replaced by ‘you know’ interview. Time to move on.

Selfie: Devil Rays Reporter Kelly Nash Gets Photobombed By Baseball.

Not the face! This picture of a baseball whizzing by reporter Kelly Nash’s head will be the next internet meme.

Houston Astros’ Fan Catches Drew Stubbs’ Home Run Ball In His Bucket Of Popcorn. [Video]

Would you sacrifice a full bucket of popcorn for a home run ball? Of course you would.