‘Fight Church’ Movie – Faith And MMA, Pastors Fighting Pastors. [Video]

The documentary Fight Church explores the conflict between faith and violence in bloodsports like MMA.

Fart Submission Move – One Grappler Farts The Other Vomits. [Video]

Watch one mixed martial artist use some awful gas as a weapon during a pre-fight warmup. Watch the other MMA’r puke because of seldom used move.

Ronda Rousey On Pete Holmes Show – One’s A Fighter And One’s A Hugger. [Video]

Pete Holmes climbs into the ring with UFC Champ Ronda Rousey. Ronda is so bad ass, she choked the ‘h’ out of her first name.

Kangaroo Sleeper Hold – Mother Nature At Level Crazy. [Video]

Watch battling kangaroos doing the normal ‘kicking each other’ thing until one of them breaks out the kangaroo sleeper hold move and taps out his opponent.

MMA For Kids: Watch A Two Year Old Beat Up A Couch. [Video]

Not only is this kid making solid contact, he also makes the MMA sound effects.