Will.i.am Untethered Smartwatch? According To TDD, Will.he.won’t.

Environmentalist and technologist will.i.am is coming out with a smartwatch that does everything and doesn’t need a tether. The Daily Dot calls bullshit.

SenseCover – Answer Your iPhone With The Protective Case Closed. [Video]

SenseCover from Moshi is the first iPhone case you can keep closed when you answer your phone.

Honda’s Smarphone Case With Airbag. [Video]

I love it when companies you think of one way, go the opposite direction. Honda’s smartphone case with airbag parody is genius.

Glenn Danzig Wanted Audience Members To Punch A Guy Filming Concert. [Video]

It’s annoying when people shoot view-blocking videos on their cellphone at concerts. Telling audience members to beat the guy up is just plain Danzig.

Mipwr Dynamo For iPhone : Squeeze Charger, Battery And Case. [Video]

The Mipwr Dynamo is a human-powered iPhone charger and battery in one case. No power? No problem with the Mipwr Dynamo which is now on Kickstarter.

Raffi Jaharian Will Hook You Up With The New Gold iPhone 5S. [Video]

Gold iPhone 5S is the best.

Frog Prank FAIL.

Don’t ever try to prank an amphibian. They are not known for their sense of humor or the ability to take a joke.

It’s Yours Now: iPhone Thief ID’d When His Butt Starts Ringing.

This one is way deeper than a butt dial story.