GUESS WHO Game Made With Characters From Pulp Fiction.

Joe Stone’s Guess Who? Pulp Fiction is a game changer. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hasbro doesn’t start creating Guess Who? Star Trek, Guess Who? Pixar etc.

Japanese Translations Of American Movie Titles.

Just think of how much better ‘Being John Malkovich’ would’ve fared in theaters had it gone by its translated Japanese title of Malkovich’s Hole.

If Wes Anderson Made A Horror Movie. [Video]

Wes Anderson channels Wes Craven in this mock movie trailer for SNL – ‘The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders’

Natural Kid Movie Progression: Cars, Cars 2, Planes And Now Boats. [Video]

Why make a film about ‘Boats’? Because the kid$ can’t wait to $ee movie$ with animated talking tran$portation.

Tom Hiddleston’s Impersonation Of Owen Wilson Playing Loki From Thor. [Video]

Impersonations: Just added to the list of reasons why everyone loves Tom Hiddleston.

Roger Ebert’s ‘Who Killed Bambi’ And 54 Other Unfinished Films From Mental Floss. [Video]

Mental Floss’s latest list video of ‘Unfortunately Unfinished Films’ is a fun watch. Some films would’ve been great while some are best left unfinished.

Neutron Cream Prank From ‘Star Trek Into Darkness Set’ [Video]

Pranking people on the street is easy. Pranking co-stars on a blockbuster movie set takes effort. Thank you Simon Pegg.

Batman ‘Hearts’ Bane : The Dark Knight Rises And The Notebook Mashup [Video]

Batman and Bane coupling up actually makes sense : they both like to dress up, they both like to fight and they both escaped from The Pit.