If Vince Neil And Nikki Sixx Ran Into Justin Bieber, It Would Go Something Like This…

It’s like the ‘If You Gave A Mouse A Cookie’ book but with Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil and the cookie is Justin Bieber.

All Country Music Is The Same – Video

A guy took six popular country songs and mashed them up in to one song. Why did it work? Because trucks and boots.

Hardcore Will Never Die Gives Hardcore Will Never Die GIF.

Short and loud Hardcore Will Never Die video leads to the best GIF dance video ever made from the Hardcore Will Never Die video.

Chandelier Video Remake For Fantasy Loser. [Video]

Some guy ‘supposedly’ lost in his fantasy football league and had to remake the Sia Chandelier video. I think this guy lost on purpose.

Uplifting Christmas Song About A Lump Of Coal Named Joel. [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel must’ve been visited by three ghosts because with the help of The Killers, he just wrote a sweet Christmas song about Joel the lump of coal

What Has Macaulay Culkin Been Up To?

Hopefully one day, Macaulay Culkin will make a Robert Downey Jr. kind of turnaround with his life. For now, it looks like it’s still in turmoil.

One Man Final Countdown Street Performer. [Video]

A one man band in Sweden performs one of the greatest songs ever played… in a basketball arena during the 1990’s.

Video Without Music Is Better Than Videos With Music. [Video]

Watch Snoop Snoop and Ferrel perform Drop It Like It’s Hot in a video without music.