Our New Anti-Drone Hero Is A Kangaroo. [Video]

A mama kangaroo has no time for the drone technology and makes quick work of this flying bastard.

Live Baby Sharks Taken From Beached Dead Shark. [Video]

Pretty wild video of three baby sharks being cut from a dead female shark on a beach in South Africa.

Cat Goes After Owl In The Window. Owl Won’t Forget. [Video]

A play on the ‘you’re really tough when your big brother is around’ but in this case, it’s a window separating a pissed owl from a indoor cat.

Dumbass Kangaroos Street Fight. [Video]

Watch this video of the kangaroos street fight and answer one question: isn’t kangaroos fighting in the street what you expected of Australia?

Zoo Mating Fail – After Four Years Of Trying, Japanese Zoo Discovers Their Hyenas Are Both Male.

Four years of trying to get spotted hyenas to mate finally comes to an end when it turns out both are male. Gender specialist at the zoo scratches head.

Rabid Bat Bites Guitar Player. According To Bat: Guitarist Sucked. [Video]

I get the feeling the other campers at this campground, who were sick of this man’s guitar playing, put the rabid bat up to it.

Three Penguin Slap Fight Doesn’t End With A Flourish. [Video]

Watching a three penguin slap fight is right up there with watching grass grow, paint dry and curling.

Rock Climbing Bears Are A Game Changer. [Video]

Basically, you are screwed if a bear is chasing you. Now, there’s only one way to prevent a bear attack and its almost worse than letting the bear attack.