Man In A Horse Head Mask Leisurely Trots By During Weather Report. [Video]

Why is the horse head mask so awesome? Because the people who own them know the best times to wear them. Videobombing a live news report: CHECK!

How To Prevent A Bear Attack. [Video]

How To Prevent A Bear Attack – WJAR reporter, Julie Tremmel, shows you what to do if you’re confronted by a bear. Solution: get the bear to laugh at you.

Eye Roll: Weather Person Probably Hates Being The Weather Person. [Video]

Sometimes, it’s hard to fake joy in what you do.

Reporters Revenge: Video Bombers Become The Story In ‘The Pat-Down.’ [Video]

Back in 2010, WGN’s Pat Tomasulo struck back at the camera muggers and wavers with ‘The Pat Down’ and every reporter in the world celebrated.

Missing Man In Maine Found Alive. Walks By News Crew Reporting On Him. [Video]

No doubt that one TV station got this story first.

Satellite Unnecessary: ‘Let’s Pretend We’re Not In the Same Parking Lot.’

CNN’s Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield make real news feel make believe.

News Anchor For NBC Affiliate In Bismarck ND Opens First Newscast With A ‘F#ckin Sh*t.’ [Video]

Who hasn’t cursed at someone when they thought their phone was hung up? AJ Clemente just did it on live TV. Next!