Boxing Up JULES The AI Robot. [Video]

In this video from 2006, everyone gets to say goodbye to JULES the robot before he is sent back to England. Shutting him down looked like a death scene.

ASUS Birds With Arms Commercial – Not That Weird. [Video]

The idea of birds going about their business with functioning arms seems very strange but seeing birds with functioning arms isn’t. I hope they get arms.

Skin Or Flay Me But Just Don’t Bury Me With My Tattoos.

Like a locket of hair, tattoos and the skin they’re attached to are being left behind for the still living.

Dog Fight Ends When Attacking Dog Gets A Finger Up The Ass. [Video]

This story runs the gamut – there’s a dog fight, missing toes, stitches, ass-play and a sprinkling of nuttiness.

Oh, Having Sex With Dogs Is Wrong… Ok. Who Wants Dinner? [Video]

How do you make sure you dog sex story goes mainstream? You attempt to poison the people that caught you having sex with the dogs.

Get To Know Amazon Amanda And Meet Her Little Friend Sergio. [Video]

6′ 3″ Amazon Amanda has a good thing going and she can thank the eccentric little men in her life for her success.

Kissing A Fake Girlfriend Selfie Guy’s Tips On Fake Girlfriend Selfie.

A Japanese man has perfected the fake girlfriend selfie and all he needed was camera, tripod, wig and still hand. Call it a DIY project for the lonely.

The Iranian Man Who Hasn’t Bathed In 60 Years.

Amou Haji hates water and he hates being clean. That’s why he’s avoided a bath for the last 60 years.