Kids Boxing In 1942. [Video]

Narrator of kids boxing in 1942: “Young Billy, please get up. You don’t want the other boys to think your a sissy. Maybe dance is your sport Billy.”

Elderly Swedish Man Writes Letter To Paper – Close Down The Internet

Read the letter written by 73-year old Swede Bo Bergman and then decide for yourself – is he nuts or does he make some valid points?

‘Because Of A Death, I’m Seeking A Woman’

91-year old Roger-Marc Grenier found his dream girl by posting a sign in his garden asking for a woman. When he meets her, says ‘she’ll do.’

World’s Largest Lunchbox Museum [Video]

The world’s largest lunchbox museum, the Lunchbox Museum, is awesomely old-school in every way.

Movie Trailer: Monsters University. [Video]

Is that an Animal House reference in the new Monsters University movie?