How To Fillet A Halibut In Under A Minute. [Video]

I’ve been on charter fishing trips and I’ve seen some impressive filleting but this deckhand is better than the rest.

Yes, You Can Snowboard In Manhattan. [Video]

The snow 10-inches of snow New York City just received is ideal for 20+ year olds who can snowboard in peace because the kids are stuck in school.

Running In The Snow In Portland – Good Or Bad Decision? [Video]

A camera crew in Portland interview a couple of runners taking advantage the snow to get a run in. Running in the snow, it turns out, can be painful.

Face Protecting, Wrestling Mask Wearing Chinese Beach Babes.

Taking ‘not the face’ to level holy shit – the wrestling mask wearing babes of China.

Fun Film About A Mountain Biker Chasing His Border Collie Down A Hill. [Video]

Bryan and Kaia like to go for extreme walks and filmmaker Jonathan Kang captured the whole thing.

Crazy Guy Rides His Bike Backward, On Handlebars, Down A Steep Hill. [Video]

Oh nuts! Watch Eskil Rønningsbakken riding a bike backwards down a hill that you would be scared to ride forward is not a trick – just insane.

Russian Woman Bungee Jumps Without A Harness. [Video]

‘Russian Woman Bungee Jumps Without A Harness’ could be a video about the craziest girlfriend or the cheapest boyfriend in Russia.

‘Interdependence’ Shows What It Was Like To Be A Kid 30 Years Ago. [Video]

A day in the life of two friends on an adventure, Interdependence gives a glimpse of what it was like to be a kid before the video games and internets.