Not Cute: Little Kid Drops The F-Bomb A Whole Bunch – Video

Swearing kids video are funny when you don’t have kids.

Parenting Fail – Kid Thinks Shaver Is A Comb As Mom Comments. [Video]

Watch a little boy shave most of his hair off when he takes a shaver to his head instead of a comb. Mom’s commentary = parenting fail.

Little 9-Year Old Romanian Bodybuilder. [Video]

Giuliano Stroe has been working out since he was two and now, at the ripe old age of nine, he’s doing tricks and has a freakish body. Parents = proud.

Never Heard Of The Exploding Water Balloon On Trampoline Prank. [Video]

Dad convinces kids to lay under a trampoline as an enormous water balloon fills on it. Balloon pops and kids are introduced to water boarding jr.