Little Girl Let’s The Cow In The House. [Video]

Sweet video of a 5-year old snuggling up to her pet cow. In the video, there’s some sweet, a burp-fart and some questioning of diet.

Kid Puts Glow Stick In The Microwave And Ruins Awesome Shirt. [Video]

Jack thought it would be cool to microwave a glow stick. Dad, who Jack never listens to, thought it was a bad idea. Dad was right.

The Nice Kids In The Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank Video. [Video]

The Jimmy Kimmel Halloween prank video is a perfect opportunity for parents to humiliate their kids on national TV. Here are the three good kids.

Browns WR Andrew Hawkins Kicks Out His 2-Year Old For Liking Bengals Receivers. [Instagram]

Little kids have to learn. Watch Andrew Hawkins teach his 2-year old a lesson for still rooting for his former teammates. Tough love!

Twin Boys Dressed As Harry And Lloyd From Dumb And Dumber.

One day, these twins dressed as Harry and Lloyd will realize just how much their parents loved them… I mean, THE, movie Dumb and Dumber.

Little 9-Year Old Romanian Bodybuilder. [Video]

Giuliano Stroe has been working out since he was two and now, at the ripe old age of nine, he’s doing tricks and has a freakish body. Parents = proud.

Newborn Baby Gives The Middle Finger.

This is for the sonogram, this is for the amnio, this is for the forceps and this is for waking my ass up and this is for not having a Caesarean.

Pancake Parenting And Some Punching. [Video]

You know you barely have control of a situation when your already managing kids by withholding pancakes.