Penis-Vagina Argument Has No Winners. [Video]

Dumb couple broadcast their dumb argument and try to establish who has a penis and who has a vagina. Being, and having, assholes already established.

Son Scares Dad Until Dad Shits Himself. [Video]

This kid’s goal, of getting his dad to shit himself, is revealed in the last clip. It’s great fun along the way though.

The Perfect Family Photo.

Parents in their nicest sweaters – check. Daughters in their nicest dresses – check. Daughter flipping off the camera – CHECK!

‘Kill Bill’ With Kids!

Don’t ask why a scene from ‘Kill Bill’ was re-enacted with kids; you just watch it, hug your own kids and be thankful they’re not in it.

My First Mullet.

Dad takes kid to get a haircut….

Cat Loses Its Shit When A Kitten Crawls Over A Kitten. [Video]

There is no good way to describe what’s happening in this video of a mama cat reacting to her kittens. You just have to watch this video.

MiniBrake Is A Remote Controlled Bike Brake And A Pretty Dumb Idea. [Video]

Advanced Hover Parent: The MiniBrake is a remote controlled bike braking system that lets parents put on the brakes when their kids are learning to ride.

Never Heard Of The Exploding Water Balloon On Trampoline Prank. [Video]

Dad convinces kids to lay under a trampoline as an enormous water balloon fills on it. Balloon pops and kids are introduced to water boarding jr.