Sad Zoo Exhibits – Photos Of Animals In Their Unnatural Environments.

No amount of painted native environment is going to make these zoo exhibits any more livable. Sad animals peering out of their even sadder enclosures.

Another Gem From The Chinese Photoshop Trolls.

Not being ‘really’ good at Photoshop is major consideration for becoming a Chinese Photoshop Troll. Being an asshole is one too.

After Losing His Wife To Cancer, Dad Recreates Wedding Photos With Daughter.

Very sweet story about a father who lost his wife to cancer, recreating his wedding pictures with their daughter.

Italian Protester Kisses Riot Police Officer’s Helmet And Is Charged With Sexual Assault.

Sexual Assault? Nina de Chiffre wanted to send a peace and love message by first kissing and then licking a riot police officer’s helmet visor.

Get To Know Squinch: Look More Photogenic And Confident By Squinching. [Video]

Peter Hurley walks you through the steps needed to look better in pictures by squinching.

SuperCool: The Panono Panoramic Ball Camera Is On Indiegogo. [Video]

Rather than photographing a small slice of a moment – the Panono Panoramic Ball Camera lets you capture everything!

Selfie 2.0 – How To Take A Selfie With Your Fake Girlfriend.

Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushi has figured out how to take a selfie with his genuine faux girlfriend.

HD Images Taken From Electron Microscope Turned To Video Of Plants And Insects. [Video]

Stefan Diller’s electron microscope photos of tomato plants and insects look amazing. When converted to video, they are downright wicked.