Cat On Skylight.

Check out this cat taking a snooze on a skylight. Cat on skylight reminds me of something…..

‘Can Someone Here Fix The Redeye In My Pic?’

Life Lesson: Never go on a bodybuilding forum and ask for help with Photoshop.

Woman Photoshops Her Adult Self Into Her Childhood Pictures.

Chino Otsuka added herself to pictures of herself as a kid.

Photoshop: Baby Dolls Look Like Baby.

Another edition of caption/comment with a little bit of Photoshop.

Photoshop Bus Stop Prank: Artist Photoshops Riders Into Ads While They Wait. [Video][

Photoshop bus stop prank is another reminder to never mess with a Photoshop artist.

Guy Awesomely Photoshops Celebrities Into Party Pictures.

We can all Photoshop poorly. Some can do it well.