Brad And Dallas Woodhouse’s Mom Calls CSPAN To Lecture Her Sons About The Holidays

Brothers with opposing political views got called Out on a CSPAN show by their mother. She basically said – don’t be dicks at Christmas.

President Obama Smoothly Deals With Jealous Boyfriend. [Video]

The President was in Chicago to cast his vote in the 2014 mid-term elections. Hometown hero? Nope. ‘Stay away from my girl’ says one constituent.

Get To Know Your 2014 Vermont Gubernatorial Candidates.

No state runs a governor’s race like the state of Vermont. Screenshot from the Vermont Gubernatorial debate looks a little Duck Dynasty, a little Mad Men.

Republican Win – Get .GOP Suffix.

Get ready for a new rush of domain registrations with the new .GOP suffix. One day, we may be going to sites with .GOP for the best free porn.

Pig Castrating Iowa Senate Candidate’s Commercial Is… [Video]

Joni Ernst wants to represent Iowa in the US Senate. Her accomplishments include mother, soldier, pig castration and the world’s most obedient husband.

Re-Election Campaign Is A Real Pants Pisser. [Video]

The campaign speech was too important for President Santos to interrupt so he just peed himself. Hopefully his opponent won’t try to out do him.

Do Onto Other Computers As You CAN’T Do Onto Diane Feinstein’s. [Video]

Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Diane Feinstein is not happy about the CIA possibly deleting files on her computer. From yours, it’s ok.

Mayor Rob Ford’s ‘Possible’ Re-Election Campaign Signs. [Video]

The drunk buffoon uncle you avoid – he’s the Mayor of Toronto. Kelly Manchester uses Rob Ford quotes as copy for his his re-election signs.