BFD: President Obama Shaking Hands With Raul Castro. [Video]

President Obama shaking hands with Raul Castro :Thank you Jon Stewart for once again cutting through the BS and getting to the root of the non-controversy.

A Power Flute Solo Highlights Ron Burgundy’s Campaign Song For Rob Ford. [Video]

Ron Burgundy brings a nice twist to the Loverboy hit ‘Working For The Weekend’ to help out his friend Rob Ford.

Canada’s ‘Open Government’ Plan Launches The Write Way.

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario in Canada, makes the case for an Open Goverment.

Right-Wing Politician In UK Gets Hitlered On Live Broadcast.

UK politician Nigel Farage got an unfortunate Hitler moustache during a live television broadcast. Mr. Farage, I’d like you to meet Mr. Pitt.