Cristiano Ronaldo Disguises Himself As A Street Performer. Kicks Soccer Ball With Kid. [Video]

Ronaldo disguising himself as a street performer to see how people would react is part prank and part PSA.

Dad Guesses Playing Card With A Little Help [Video]

This is the apex of dadhood. Getting to trick your kid into thinking you’re good at something is all that dad’s have left.

Where’s 87? Benchwarmer’s High School Football Recruiting Video

The best high school football recruiting video ever! I sure hope the high school football player in the video made it.

Getting On A Train With A Boner… Prank. [Video]

Watching this Brazilian guy getting on a train with a boner is the funniest video you’ll see this week.

Never Heard Of The Exploding Water Balloon On Trampoline Prank. [Video]

Dad convinces kids to lay under a trampoline as an enormous water balloon fills on it. Balloon pops and kids are introduced to water boarding jr.

Coke Movie Theater Prank – Don’t Be A Slurper, Texter Or Talker. [Video]

The movie slurper is bad but the movie talker is the worst. Coke kind of goes after both of them with one movie theater prank.

DHL Delivery Prank – Pranking Competitors Into Advertising For DHL. [Video]

If you aren’t winning the market share war, you might as well win the prank battle. DHL sticks it to UPS and TNT by pranking them into advertising for DHL.

THWAITES Brewery Sign Changed To ‘TWATS’ After Announcing Layoffs.

The fact that somebody changed THWAITES Brewery sign to ‘TWATS’ is funny but not brilliant. The fact that somebody sat on the idea for so long is brilliant.