Concerned Citizens Less Concerned Thanks To Devil Baby In A Stroller Prank. [Video]

It’s a prank that makes people who may assist an abandoned infant – not help in the future because they don’t want to be pranked again. Hooray!

Jimmy Kimmel Show – Throwing Snowballs At People On The Beach. [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel made sure that people escaping the polar vortex on Los Angeles beaches still paid the price.

Japanese TV’s Collapsing Floor Elevator Prank. [Video]

Scaring the crap out of your prank victim isn’t enough when it comes to Japanese prank videos. Humiliation is still required.

Ylvis Pranked People By Trapping Them In An IKEA Showroom. [Video]

What do you do when you get trapped in an IKEA showroom? Don’t panic; grab the comfiest seat and take a nap!

Scream Makes Grandma Crap Her Pants. [Vine]

Please be fake, please be fake …. ok, penance out of the way. Enjoy this video of a grandma having the crap scared out of her by a scream. Sad but funny.

Jerk Ass Parents Telling Their Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy. [Video]

Once again, Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to do something mean to their family and record it for his show – this time, it’s eating their kids’ Halloween candy.

Warm Hot Dog Prank: Johnny Knoxville’s Dad Was Jackass’ing Teenage Johnny Knoxville. [Video]

The prank Johnny Knoxville’s dad played on him when he was a kid might have a lot to do with everything Johnny Knoxville has done since.