Art Has A Price In The ‘Price Of Art’ By Petro Wodkins. [Video]

Petro Wodkins documents his efforts to procure art for Tajik dictator. Will the money be too much for the galleries to pass up?

Prank: A Guy Dressed Up As A Chair And Scares People That Sit On Him. [Video]

The human chair prank hopes to scare you out of your seat. The Carrie prank will.

Creating Movie Buzz 101- Have A Woman Go All Carrie In NY Cafe. [Video]

The remake of the Carrie movie is due out October 18th. To promote the new film, a cafe is rigged so a woman can use her telekinetic powers in a cafe.

Beer Replaces Water: Kegs Of Beer Connected To Every Tap In The House. [Video]

Never thought about running beer through the plumbing in a house until I watched this video. Now, it’s the only thing I want to do.

Guy Shits Himself On Slingshot Amusement Park Ride. Jimmy Kimmel Prank? [Video]

Watch a video of a Jets fan ‘supposedly’ crapping his pants on a Slingshot type amusement park ride.

FAIL Prank: Twerking Girl Who Caught On Fire Was A Jimmy Kimmel Prank [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel hit the internet trifecta when he created the ‘twerking girl who catches on fire’ video – it’s an organically viral prank FAIL video.

How To Meet Girls : Speak Nonsense French. [Video]

When everyone else was learning French, I took up Afrikaans – the world’s least romantic language.

Asking Strangers On The Street If They Want To Have A Threesome. [Video]

Another video from the folks at whatever that plays out the same way as their previous videos with guys asking girls and girls asking guys for sex.